About Us

“Svētku dāvanas” – place where Latvian handmade crafts become best gifts!

Our project inspired by Latvian handmade creators. Crafts were you can feel Latvian nature, culture, love, passion and nostalgia!

We have been living abroad for over few years and we came back to create online shop together and make very exclusive gift baskets!

Gift baskets are handmade, unique and exclusive! Traditional and innovative tastes intermingle to offer you great gifts for every occasion, budget and recipient all year around and celebrate the joy of living. To make your gift basket original you can add balloons, flowers or Latvian best wines!

We will make sure that every “Svētku dāvana” is left a positive impression, filled your holiday with pleasant Latvian feelings!


High quality handmade products from Latvia

High quality products from Latvia is the cornerstone of our action and offer. We carefully choose the best of home masters products

Excellent service and satisfied customers

Customer trust is our highest value. Customer satisfaction is our goal and return the Internet shop to cheer themselves and their loved ones

Safe and guaranteed delivery

We are guaranteeing a secure payment of our online shop, as well as taking care of the customer selected gift delivery had percent and convenient

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